About Us

        Company Profile

        The Kadmus company was built in the Zhongguan village of Beijing in 1999. It is a high technology company with the smart water service, technology of internet of things and residential convenience service. There are six sub companies and four manufacture factories. The Kadmus' mature products and excellent after-sale service have obtained the good remarks in the water service business.

        There are over 300 employees in the company. 80% of them have the bachelor's degree or over the bachelor's degree. The research and development team includes the American postdoc, master and high level technology people. The company has the strongle potential of the research and development.

        For the hardware, the company has built the manufacture and services complete supply chain of the research and development of the chip, the prepaid, the smart water meters of the internet of things and the water service devices. For the software, the company develops the closed bio-chain of the DMA meter, the sampler system of the internet of things, the smart water factory self-control system, the secondary water supply monitor platform, the water fee management system, the water service information payment platform and the residential service convenience.

        The Kadmus is originated from the Greek tales. It is on behalf of the invention, hornesty, mission and future. The Kadmus people has the spirit. As the pioneer of the business of the new internet of things solutions, we insist on the hornesty and invention. We pursue the outstanding products and service. We are dedecated to be the most trustworthy partner helping the customers enterprise invention and promotion.